OWHE ACE-NorCal Network

About ACE-NorCal

The Northern California Network for Women Leaders in Higher Education was established by the Office of Women in Higher Education (OWHE) of the American Council on Education (ACE) as part of a nationwide effort to increase the number of talented women in policy-making positions in higher education.

The organization consists of state networks of leaders across the country interested in advancing qualified women in the world of higher education. The organization has been committed to moving women into college presidencies and other senior level positions.

Mission Statement:

To promote the professional development of women leaders from Colleges and Universities in Northern California. 


  • To advocate and promote racial and ethnic equity for women in Higher Education.
  • To promote broader access and participation of women in leadership roles within Higher Education.
  • To create a supportive network for women who are interested in advancing in Higher Education
  • To mentor students, faculty, and staff with leadership potential.

Roles and Responsibilities

State Network Executive Board
State Planning Committee
State Coordinators
Presidential Sponsors
Institutional Representatives

To learn more about the American Council on Education’s Office of Women in Higher Education visit their website at: